Looking For Safe, Clean, and Comfortable Rental Housing in Sullivan County?

It has been our policy since our first day in business to provide safe, clean, and comfortable housing to our residents in Monticello and Loch Sheldrake.  We don't offer high priced luxury housing, and we won't rent anything we wouldn't live in ourselves.  What we do offer is a good place to live at a fair price. 

In Monticello we offer 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments in a family community.

In Loch Sheldrake we offer 3 bedroom mobile homes.  They are not in a mobile home park or community, but are on wooded lots of an acre or more, all in the Tri-Valley School District.


Our rental properties feature CFL (compact flourescent lighting) in all appropriate locations to save YOU money on your electric bills!  This can result in a $10-$20.00 per month savings for you, possibly even more.

We don't tolerate any form of criminal, drug related, or terrorist activities; we screen our applicants thoroughly to eliminate known drug users, registered sex offenders, convicted felons, and known or suspected terrorists.

We do allow small pets, with prior approval; a separate pet agreement and pet deposit is required.

If you are interested in finding out more, click on the tabs above for information about our Monticello vacancies, our Loch Sheldrake vacancies, driving directions, or how to contact us; then check out our photos and individual listings, drive by the vacant locations listed, and give us a call. 
Current vacancies are also listed below:  


    At this time we have two vacancies, and both are being prepared for new residents.  A two bedroom apartment in Monticello will be ready for a new resident on or before October 1st; click on the Monticello Vacancies tab above for information.  One of our three bedroom mobile homes in Loch Sheldrake (Tri-Valley Schools) will be ready for a new resident on or about October 1st; click on the Loch Sheldrake Rentals tab above for information.

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